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Code of Honour

The ‘Job Mentors’ Code of Honour


Implicit in the code of honour is the leitmotiv of success. This should be the motivational force, whether you’re a mentor or mentee. 

But how to define 'success'?

Let's look at a few examples (we could list dozens):

1) the graduate is mentored to successful job application
2) school leaver is helped to find a suitable study place
3) the gifted postgraduate finds a mentor who helps her find the right topic for a PhD.
4) the young person of little means who finds a mentor willing to help at no charge

In all these examples there is an implicit strategy involved: Job Mentors facilitates the coming together of individuals even without a clearly defined idea of success but, at the same time, creates a basis to optimize success wherever it takes place, whoever is involved or whatever it means to each individual.
With the above in mind, here are some guidelines to conduct and approach:

•    Whether you have found a mentor working on a brokerage basis or on a rates basis, you should expect as a mentee to be accepted regardless of your financial situation or social background.

•    As a mentee you should take the altruistic approach just as seriously as if you were paying for advice. Your mentor will expect this and honour it accordingly.

•    As a mentee your mentor will expect a strong level of trust and willingness to respect confidence. Such aspects of interaction in a mentor-mentee relationship can only lead to a healthy culture of honesty and openness.

•    As a mentor you should not imagine that the accumulation of mentees will somehow reflect your popularity. Your maxim should be concentration leads to more focused attention and success.

•    As a mentee do not forget that mentors are busy people. Use your and their time accordingly. Prepare your ideas and questions well as if you were preparing for an interview.

•    Everyone, regardless of income, is a VIP at Job Mentors. As a mentee you may have to pay some form of remuneration but don’t forget that you are in with the same chance as everyone else. There is nobody pulling strings for others and nobody working against you. Use the platform in an honourable way and you can’t lose.

•    As a mentor you should be careful about how you present yourself, your expertise and your experience. Be as precise and honest  as possible as to what you can and cannot do.

•    As a mentee expect a strong ethical dimension to your mentor’s advice, whether implicit or explicit in areas such as responsibility, conscientiousness and human interaction.

•    Success can only be guaranteed if all participants in this innovative project take it and other parties involved seriously. This must be the guiding light.


Whatever your reason for joining Job Mentors, we sincerely hope you'll have an enriching and rewarding experience!

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