How to get Credit for glasses?

Nowadays glasses are a big investment for the private wallet. Unfortunately, it is meanwhile that the health insurance companies contribute little or nothing to finance the necessary glasses. A few health insurance companies offer so-called supplementary insurance, for which the patient has to pay in over several years until he receives a financial part for the glasses from the health insurance company.

Some time ago, some large opticians offered payment in installments or a loan for glasses to finance the selected visual aid. If the visual aid was paid off in full within a year, not even interest was charged. Of course, that was a luxury that opticians can no longer afford today. Even payment in installments in two steps hardly exists today, if only at smaller opticians in communities in which the customers are known.

The possibilities


But what other options does the customer have if he can no longer do without glasses and the financial cushion is not so big to buy glasses? The banks now offer so-called small loans, which can be used to finance glasses, for example, well and reasonably cheaply.

Here you have to get very detailed information. At many banks and savings banks, the small loan unfortunately only starts at 2,000 dollars and can be paid off individually, in terms of time, in convenient installments.

The more the loan customer can pay each month

The more the loan customer can pay each month

The faster the loan is paid off, of course. If you now choose glasses for around 500 dollars and can pay rates of up to 25 dollars, you will of course also have to pay a higher interest rate.

This is annoying since he usually gets a loan of 2000 dollars for the same interest rate for 25 dollars per month. It is important to consider whether it might be worth taking out a higher loan and expanding the credit for glasses somewhat.

Many banks and other financial institutions offer quick help over the Internet. The customer must exercise caution here. Among these various online providers, unfortunately, there are also black sheep that promise their customers quick money but charge horrendous interest.

The overdraft facility

The overdraft facility

Another possibility to finance glasses quickly and easily is to use your own overdraft facility. If the customer has a regular income in his checking account, the bank usually offers a so-called overdraft facility. The bank customer can overdraw his checking account and pays around 12% interest. This is not necessarily a very cheap solution, but a quick and easy way. Depending on the bank or savings bank and of course the amount of the loan to be borrowed, the interest is fixed.

If you can pay the money back quickly, it will, of course, be much cheaper than if the customer takes a long time to “smooth the account” again. This is also a practical solution to use for credit for glasses. One can determine that there is definitely a quick way to credit a visual aid required by the patient. A loan for glasses is no longer rocket science!

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